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Mist your way to happiness and radiance!  This Hydrosol boosts hydration and tones the skin with vitamin C.  It is gentle enough to use multiple times throughout the day.  Formulated with organic rose (rose damascena) and geranium oils along with gem infused filtered water.  Infusing water with precious gems from the earth energetically raises the vibration, increases mineral content and boosts the healing properties used as natural antidepressants.  It is considered an essential beauty tonic for most glo customers!

Glo Regenerative Hydrosol/Toner

  • Gem infused waters assist in absorption of minerals and healing properties from the essential oils.  Rose and Geranium are known to boost antibacterial and cellular regenerative properties.  Historically, rose and geranium have been used as antidepressants and this combined with the gem infused water offers a wonderful boost to mood and energy when used throughout the day.  Regenerative Hydrosol allows your skin to stay hydrated and glowing throughout the day as you can mist your face multiples times in a day.  It is considered an essential beauty tonic, makeup setter and toner for most Glo customers!


    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray liberally before and after applying your favorite Glo oil.  As an energy boost or to freshen your skin, spray throughout the day to increase the cell turnover, set makeup and lift your mood.

  • Your satisfaction is our priority.  Should further direction be needed in order to use  your chosen product to its fullest potential, please contact us.  We are here to provide the highest quality of products for your skin and youthfulness.  Everything we carry is tested and used by us personally.  We choose to share our proven secrets and products which we love passionately because helping others is our goal.  Due to hygienic reasons, we only exchange items that have not been opened.  Should damage have occurred during shipping, please send pictures and an email to for a viable solution to the situation. 



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