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Itinerary for a Perfect Day in Red Lodge

Some call it mindfulness ~ We call it Red Lodge

One hour from Billings

Two hours from Bozeman

One hour from Cody, WY

("our corner of this world" ~ on the brim of Yellowstone)


Having clients and patients travel to Red Lodge for treatments, they've told us their stories of wanting to "hide-out" and take time to rejuvenate their soul while just blending in and having peace.

We want that for you as well.  Written with all the love, the following is offered.

gorgeous sunshine.jpg

Red Lodge– the perfect place to find solace… to breathe deeply, to feel a sense of peace and have all of life make sense again.  Spending time in Red Lodge, even for a moment, is like stepping back in time, or stepping onto a movie set.  A quaint little town boasting of no stop lights and wildlife seen walking down the streets.  Red Lodge is the place to lose yourself and find yourself.  Red Lodge is off the beaten path… intentionally.  Ask anyone who has visited Red Lodge and they speak about their experience as if it’s a long-lost lover they’ve grown to miss.  A far-away look comes over their eyes and the word “love” is always mentioned.  Spend a day… any day… a perfect day in Red Lodge.  Find yourself at the base of the Beartooth Mountains.  It’s magical, it’s spiritual, its beautiful and it’s almost indescribable. 

It’s a love affair— a love affair with an experience. 

Day One

-Experience a moment of reconnecting with yourself, where your soul meets your body right where its at…  in the peaceful Sunshine Yoga Studio with advanced and loving yogi instructors who lead you through a practice which is your own.  There is no pressure to be anyone else, nor to be compared to anyone else.  It’s a time to replenish and reset.  Arrive in Red Lodge in the morning time to partake of a session, or if traveling with a group, book a private session. 

Book ahead-

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-Grab coffee and a breakfast sandwich at one of the local bistros or bakeries.

-Give your soul time for a quiet walk to the famous Rock Creek accessed at Finn Park via 17th St or the public area on the East side of the Kainu Avenue bridge…  all easily accessible with public spaces to sit on benches, walk paths, or lay on the grass and listen to the sound of moving water.  Cast your eyes on the mountains, the amazing mountains, tallest in the state and some which inspired writings by authors such as John Steinbeck.

“I’m in love with Montana.  For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.

But with Montana it is love.  And it’s difficult to analyze when you’re in it.” 

-When you awaken just a bit from this moment and this dream, keep an eye on the water as kayakers have been seen navigating these waters.


-Experience a treatment at the sanctuary known as Rock Creek Aesthetics where life outside its doors stop as you step into your personal time machine.  Providing treatments with unsurpassed expertise, caring and a spirit of excellence, the Nurse Practitioner and Master Injector has 30+ years of experience in Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics (in the location of all that is cutting edge- Brentwood, California), she rotates her time there with the practice in Red Lodge.  That immense experience provides invaluable expertise to gracefully slow the aging process and artistically enhance the natural beauty of patients.  Esthetics treatments are provided by a healing esthetician with advanced training who provides many treatments for her love of “the face”.  It’s your face, the first one you see in the mirror every day and the one you want to recognize.  Expertise in facials, skincare, brows, lashes, microblading and all we love every single day.  Visitors and local residents from Spain, Virginia, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon and Colorado plan their visits around these treatments.  There is no need to travel to Billings, nor Bozeman, for treatments- they travel here. 

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-Walk out the front door and stroll one block to the purveyors of delectable foods and ingredients at Babcock & Miles.  Offering gourmet and  fresh sandwiches, wine dinners and tastings… The Wine Bar & Café offer superlative quality whether enjoying a moment outside with a sandwich in hand, or spending time in the beautiful Wine Bar.  It’s impossible to be disappointed.

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Staying Overnight

-Should you have carved out two days to stay in this little slice of heaven and desire lodging within walking distance, staying over at the Yodeler is a must.  This historical landmark was originally built in 1909 as apartments for Rocky Fork miners and was converted into a Bavarian motor inn in 1964.  Given these rooms were former homes, imagine areas spacious enough to truly "spread out" and be comfortable.  This is especially appreciated when traveling with your people family and furry family, as all are welcome here.  The lodge has a hot tub, ski wax room and exterior decks to enjoy the Big Skies of Montana.  When you want to take that deep breath, the one where you reflect on your experiences of the day, forget about stresses of life back home, or craft your next big idea, you want to be here… standing on a deck at the Yodeler Motel.  This property remains locally managed and loved which means the team truly know the answers to your questions about trails in the area and all the what-nots.  People visit the Yodeler year-after-year as it's built on a relational style of hospitality and it’s team has never wavered from that belief system.  Should you be continuing over the Beartooth Highway (ranked one of the top ten scenic drives in the nation) and then to Yellowstone National Park, your trip will be more rewarding because of your stay at the Yodeler.

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-If your preference is to experience the solace of quiet and the outdoors, drive the few miles to Two Bears Inn Bed & Breakfast.  It’s really like stepping through a magical portal.  From the moment you turn up the drive, a transcendence begins to take place.  Should you allow yourself this moment, without missing it, stop… stop right there and look around.  Mount Maurice dominates the background as if you’ve stepped into a painting.  Cairns then comfortably line your ascent assuring you’re on the right path.  The property abuts National Forest and Point of Rocks.  Choices of lodging (all very private) include rooms in the main lodge, a separate cabin and also a tiny home.  All have access to beautifully lit decks with amazing views.  One night is never enough at Two Bears as it’s inspiring to hike its trails and sit in complete peacefulness without ever leaving the property.  This is the type of locale where an artist can paint and an author can compose.  As if this weren’t enough, you’ll be treated to an amazing breakfast- yes, they put the second B in BNB.  You’ll be treated by the chef to the likes of caramelized leek and asparagus frittata with goat cheese, freshly baked blueberry almond scones, peach Kuchen with canned honey peaches, local honey, European ham, and smoked breakfast meats.  Two Bears is known for its famous Two Bears Eggs with shallots, nutmeg, cream cheese and fresh chives from its in situ garden.  Lest not fail to mention the bell pepper, shallot and Gruyere cheese crustless quiche, or their hazelnut currant scones.  Need more be written?  Suffice to say, Two Bears is the kind of experience which inspired the poem, “Heaven” composed by its author during a personal stay (can be viewed on their website).  This locale provides the kind of experience that changes lives. 

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Itinerary for Day Two

-Enjoy a beautiful breakfast at one of the local cafés, restaurants or eateries.


-Consider hiking a trail or two just outside of town.  A favorite among visitors is an easy walk around Wild Bill Lake.  Located on the West Fork (turn right at the Ski Resort sign), this trail is family-friendly and wheelchair accessible.  As you step out of your vehicle and begin to feel the raw earth under your feet, take several deep breaths to truly inhale the aroma of pine.


-Enjoy a cup of coffee to-go from one of several coffee offerings on Main Street.  Enjoy the deep flavor as you stroll this beautiful downtown street, beautiful to those who “get it”. 


This step back in time is seen in countless wedding events, bridal images, and also movies such as, “The Last Champion,” with Cole Hauser as its included in the storyline of the famous Yellowstone series with Kevin Costner.  Consider visiting the local Candy Shop even if you aren’t a candy lover.  The store is over 100 years old and carries a certain mystique for its visitors.


-As your mind has cleared and you’ve had this moment in time, as dreams of growth, overcoming, change, even this experience you’ll want to keep with you... consider a tattoo.  One of the best tattoo artists, artists anywhere, is here at Red Lodge Tattoo. 

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When this time in the storybook comes to a close, may you have soaked up love and moments so deeply into your soul they can’t be expelled by your day-to-day routine.  Keep this moment in your breath, your peace and your smile.  We’re here when you’re ready to fill up again.  


-As you drive away on highway 212, don’t miss a visit to the Weathered Nest at Fox.  Fox is a small community just a few minutes outside of Red Lodge.  Take the turn on the West side of the highway across from the grain elevator.  There is signage for “The Weathered Nest,” but it’s easy to miss.  Should you drive past the one and only turn to this opportunity, turn around.  The Weathered Nest is an experience of mystery, transformation and curiosity.  The tour guide for this adventure is a lovely, worldly, and amazing human who has lived many experiences.  A magical feeling will begin to well- up as you walk the pathway surrounded by crystals to reach the front door.  When the light is shining just right, it’s a sight and a feeling to behold.  While officially selling antiques, books, beads and yarn… the experience is about so much more.  The small building has a history of being a theater, an events center, and still can’t compare to the uniqueness of the proprietor.  The shopkeeper, herself,  provides a moment… a conversation… a “something” that is memorable and the true icing on the cake of your experience. 

Check their Facebook page for hours of operation & “open by appointment”.

Facebook _theweatherednest

“You’re mad.  Bonkers.  Off your head… But I’ll tell you a secret… All of the Best People Are."

Alice in Wonderland

On this journey, may you have felt light and life.  May you have joined beautiful memories to the sound of moving water and the scent of pine trees.  As you travel away, enjoy this big sky in God’s Country.  As your soul thanks you– find comfort knowing we’ll be here when you’re ready for us again.  We love you right back.

A perfect day.  A perfect day in a life.  A perfect day in anyone’s life. 

A day in Red Lodge...

It’s the reason people breathe again, deeply breathe, look at life differently and feel the smile come back to their face. 

It’s like falling in love.

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